God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Ramblin' Gamblin' Mage: There's No Place Like Home

So, let's see. Hung around with Frank and Jamie, introduced them to Japanese cuisine, and eventually was dropped off at the airport. Checked in (nearly was able to get on an earlier flight, but ended up not able to make it), and sat down at the gate to await my flight.

You know how you see people in the area, and think "man, I hope they don't sit near me"? OK, I managed to get the aisle seat, very front row behind First Class, perfect. A couple was there with their daughter, I'm guessing her being 13, and it was a constant battle. Mom was overbearing and bitchy, daughter was snarky, Dad was just trying to deal. They sat across the aisle from me. Also, I encountered a girl, maybe mid-20's, with a son (probably about 6) and a little girl (probably about 3). One of these girls that squeezed out a couple of puppies WAY too early and is still single and is just bitchy now because she's fucked up her life and has no idea how to parent. it was a constant battle with these two little ones at which she was failing miserably. Yep, they sat behind me.

Four and a half hours of kicking my seat, bitching, whining, fighting, crying...and yes, mom was just as bad. Bitchy mom across from me actually stood up and snapped at the little girl at one point, which brought reprisal form a guy behind her, and young mom never even flinched, which shows how far gone she was, by that point. Longest damn flight of my life. Us wobbling on landing making it a little twitchy didn't help.

Back to my wife and my home and my bed was a beautiful thing. Getting some much-needed booty was a nice touch.

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