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Art In Gaming

One of the things I discovered that I enjoyed about City of Heroes was Supergroup Bases. For you non-players, characters can form and join 'supergroups' (in the same vein as the Justice League or the X-Men, for instance) and build up their own base, giving them extra tools like teleporters to various places in the city, storage for useful salvage and extras, and quick medical access.

I find that designing and building the base is sometimes as much fun to me as playing the game itself. It's a form of artistic expression, in a way, not only designing a base that is functional, but is also good looking and which fits the team. Should it be brightly lit and high-tech? Dark, moody and mystical? Ancient stone and runes? Calm and relaxing? Cluttered or austere? Garish or subdued? I like playing with the possibilities.

Recently, I joined a group of all LJ players called L.E.M.U.R.S. (Livejournal Enthusiasts Meet Up, Ruin Supervillains). Yes, silly, I know, but it's just a group of friends, meeting up once a week to have a good time. As is my way, one thing I noticed was that the base was not very functional, badly laid out, and boring. As it turned out, the person who had handled that was no longer playing, so I offered to take over. So, over the last couple of days, I've taken it apart and rebuilt it.

Check here to get a look at the place. I'm quite happy with the finished design. I think I'll go back and do "virtual tours" of some of the other bases I've built. The guy you'll see in those pix is Steeltip, a character that uses archery not only to attack but to fire "trick arrows," like flashbangs to disorient, poison gas clouds, splashes of acid to degrade armor, and oil slicks to trip up his enemies.

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