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Friday Pix

I'm up earlier than I wanted to be, but that just means you get your fix earlier than normal.

Mr. Potato Tick!

Kitty Pimpin'

Taking your baby to the shore, that'll be nice, huh?

Oh, shit.

I can't come up with a caption that's even half as funny as two cats crapping on the john at the same time.

Too Damn Adorable™ Pic-of-the-Week

Live to Ride, Ride to Live

I hope he's taking pix of flowers.

I kinda hope they arrested the guy.

The bad planning is funny, but the fact that there's a radiator there and they still leave a chair around so they can use the door slays me.


When you don't have the money for proper instruments...


Damn The Mom!

This looks like the last scene of an old cartoon...I swear I can hear the end music.

"Dad? Psst, Dad...I had a bad dream..."

You're trying too hard. And failing.

"Arakis. Dune. Desert LEGOS™."

A good sign that last night's party was a success.

Yikes (but excellent make-up)

If the driver was male, it may be female now.

Fear. Respect.

In Soviet Russia, the Party caters you.

Yes, that's a giant cube of hair.

And there you have it. Another week's worth of foolishness. Hope it made ya smile, or at least snort something on to your keyboard that you had to wipe up.

Have a good weekend!


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