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Alien invasions in City of Heroes can be dealt with for good experience points and badges. One of them, awarded for earning all the others, unlocks alien weaponry for characters to use, allowing them choices others don't have. With the latest wave of attacks, two of my characters are sporting new tools...

Billy, as he's seen by hungry and thankful citizens every day

Billy's new armor and axe
Alien invasions can be hard on us all, I know. But some guys, they just take it in stride. Take Barbecue Billy, the lovable redneck with the rib joint in Skyway City. Ever since he mutated, he just shrugged his big shoulders and figured it wasn't a big deal. So, when the Rikti started dropping out of the sky, he just picked up his trusty axe, willed himself into flaming glory (his defenses are Fire Shields), and waded into the middle of the fray. He's learned from the experience, though, and welded himself some better battle gear out of some old stove pieces lying around. Grabbed himself a souvenir of the battles, too: an alien energy weapon.

In other news, Rogue Isles villain QT3.14 has recently been seen rampaging all over the isles with his swarm of deathbots (as a Mastermind, he commands summoned minions to fight for him...in this case, robots). Unexpectedly, he seems to have adopted the garb of Arachnos, to the point of wearing a Crab Spider helmet, Recluse's symbolism, and carrying a Bane Mace. Whether he earned these pieces or took them off the bodies of victims is unknown. He also has been seen with a Rikti Blaster in his arsenal...apparently, his hatred of people isn't limited to just Earthly humans.

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