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So, Dianna's been dealing with an employee that just doesn't cut the mustard. Repeated meetings to discuss performance have been ,met with understanding and promises of doing better. It didn't look promising, but the company was giving this person the shot. This morning, Di goes in to work to discover that not only did the bitch quit without giving any notice, but she had someone ELSE tell them she wasn't showing up. Didn't even have the balls to say so herself...really sucks that someone can pull this crap with no repercussions. So, yeah, Di's work load will be ugly until they can hire someone new. Joy of fucking joys.

In today's random, cryptic comment news: feels good to read the stats on something, see the reaction to those stats, and think "wow, I guess so-and-so really isn't just blowing smoke when she says that." Of course, you have no clue what I mean, but that's OK, just be happy.

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