God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Didn't sleep all that great, weird dreams and such. Not too bad, just got that slightly "off" feeling going on. Weather here is supposed to go up something like 20 degrees for a few days, so it's not gonna be fun, especially as I've started getting some walking in...think I'll be doing that early before the heat kicks in. Only getting in a couple miles, but it's a start, gotta get my joints used to exercising again.

Headed down to daemonwise's place for a planning meeting tonight. This weekend, I'm gonna be the dark horse third chef in the Mikedelic Rib-Off, so we'll see how my signature ribs do in competition. Speaking of that, I hope our IRS check dealie gets deposited tomorrow, like it's supposed to, since I need it to get the ribs and stuff. If it doesn't? Well, that would mean I'd have to bow out, and that would suck. A lot.

Other than that, not much happening in my life. As usual. I've sort of pulled back from a lot of contact, lately, so if you haven't seen or heard much form me, that's why. It's nothing personal.

Oh, random happening: talked to my Dad over the weekend, and it dawned on me why I don't talk to him as much these days. most of our phone convos were him calling while he was in an airport, waiting on a flight. Now that he's retired, he's not bored in airports so much. I really wonder just how retirement is working out for him, because I've never heard him sound so tired and, frankly, old. It was creepy...but both he and my step-mom say he's doing good, and I'm sure he's liking not being on the road anymore. Was just not what I expected.

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