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So, since I now had a new pit, I knew what had to be done. I called up Doug, said the magic word "barbecue", and knew that he'd show up to help break it in. I said "Sure, bring some kielbasa." What he and Felicia show up with is a case of beer, 4 huge steaks, a couple pounds of shrimp, a bunch of bratwurst, and, yes, two giant kielbasas. We spent about half an hour making up some sauces and got to cooking, resulting in a massive late dinner full of delicious meat. We all ate ourselves stupid and still have enough left over for at least one more meal...mmm, gonna be a good lunch today. ;)

By contrast, I didn't sleep well last night, but I think some of this is my body getting used to having the windows open at night, again. Just too stuffy in the house not to have it open, and it cools things back down. Luckily, the temperature seems to be coming down from the few days of heat that we've had.

Movie stuff: Showed Cloverfield to Dianna yesterday, and I'm happy to see that my enjoying the film was not diminished at all with a second viewing and that she enjoyed it, too. This really, to me, is the right way to make a monster flick. Also showed her Boxing Helena, which is an older flick but seriously weird, and how can you go wrong with Julian Sands and Sherilyn Fenn (*mrowr*)? Now, Di's a big "true crime" nut, and had been wanting to see The Black Dahlia for a while, so we nabbed that, and were both disappointed. The true Dahlia case was never solved,m and has little evidence, so making a film of it was kinda shaky; turns out they really made a film about the guys working the case, which made sense. Still, the film was a bit jumpy and disjointed in places. Now, I will say that the acting was pretty good, for the most part. Hilary Swank impressed the Hell out of me, and most of the other actors did a good job...except for Scarlett Johansson. The girl just did not emote...I dunno how she's done in anything else, but her performance here was wooden.

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