God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

What a day.

OK, so, last night, hooked up with Team Awesome to run the Lady Grey Task Force in City of Heroes. A bit of arranging and a false/fucked-up start later, we got going, and though it was tough and our team wasn't the best mix, we sallied forth and pulled it off, victorious in the end. By that point, it was 2am, and I was wired, so I made it to bed around 3.

Cut to this morning, I roll out of bed about 10:30, figuring it'll be an easy morning. A quick trip to Doug's to move a couch and a loveseat, then back to the house. Back out for food, then home to clean up while Dianna ran to the store. Cleaned up and prepped for the afternoon's insanity.

gonzo_md, driving back to Seattle from Sacramento, drops in to hang out. polarbear comes over with meat and booze. Doug rolls in, more meat in hand, and the festivities began. 6 chops, a dozen brats, a couple huge burgers, a kielbasa, a pack of hot dogs, and several huge rum'n'cokes later, the ladies (Dianna and Felicia) and Erik joined us for serious grubbage. Good times were had by all, Mike rolled out so he could get home on time, Doug and Felicia got going to do their thing, and Michael hung out to see Erik and I kick out some serious Guitar Hero action.

All is now eerily quiet, here. The aftermath of fun times.

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