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It's no secret that I have a fascination for goth girls. 01flux recently pointed out that it was even more obvious what my tastes were when she found out that my 2 favorite bands were Concrete Blonde and Curve (both fronted by 'dark' looking women...yummy...). But my foundations on this go much further back...

...back to a childhood when Saturday was a good day for TV (ah, the halcyon days of my youth). Awake at 6am for Kung-Fu Theatre. Cartoons from 8 until noon (funny cartoons, not just half-hour toy commercials...long live Bugs Bunny!!!). And then...then...the Creature Feature. The old horror films...I must have seen them all a thousand times, and never tired of them.

It was here that I first saw Barbara Steele and Elvira. And, through associations and research, discovered The Cool Ghoul, Zacherley, and the original Queen of the Ghouls, Vampira.

So, in honor of the woman who started a life-long adoration of the dark, pale, and sinister-looking seductress, I present the nice little collection I discovered today: Vampira, at Zomboid.Org

Here's to Zombies, the living dead;
May you find one, beneath your bed;
They live on blood and you should too;
Hemoglobin is the drink for you!

I'm fairly certain that this explains my kick with Lisa Marie, as well. But, man, c'mon, Tim Burton? I know she could do better than that...no accounting for taste, I suppose.

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