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Contemplations on the Futility of Existence

A friend of mine, I won't say who, recently sent me something to read. It was just a stream of consciousness kind of thing, an observation of one's place in the grand scheme of life. The gist of it was that this person had come to realize that they did not and probably would not do anything to advance the human race, including procreate, and that's fine, he told me he was just fine, just sorta thinking out loud. But I wanted to throw a couple thoughts back out, and I choose to do it here. He'll catch them eventually.

1. You are my brother in spirit, and that makes more of a difference than most things I can think of. Therefore, you HAVE advanced the race, because I WILL procreate someday, and if not for you and a few others, I might not have. So you have ALREADY advanced the race.

2. In response to the last line...I don't care what you think. *I* will have something to say. And I will make the world my audience.

I love you, m'man.

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