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Friday Pix

Since I didn't post them last week, I really scraped them up and put together this Giant-Size Friday Pix for ya this week. Enjoy!

Whew, glad they checked out that suspicious coin.

Ah, the old days, when costumes were simple...and stupid.


Rover did a lot of community service, walking other dogs that had no master.

It's not the size of the church that matters, but what it means to you.

This looks like a helluva way to relax.

Is it just me, or does this look like it should be a scene from a Stephen King novel?

Billboard Baby wants your vote.

Times have been hard on Sesame Street.


Maybe it's just me, but this looks a tad creepy for prom.

Ninja Kitten!

Scared of the dark?

That's right, baby...Whale Bacon.

The ultimate in white trash accessorizing.

BFFN: Best Friends For Now.

"So, when you need quality assassinations at an affordable price, come to Hitman and Company. Located downtown, on 5th Street."

Someone said she should "get out and do something."

I don't have a good feeling about this ride.

Morning dew


That's a child that's into its dessert.

New from Pringle's: Sour Cream and Onion Kitten

OK, I worked for Xerox for a while, and you NEVER change toner in white pants. Just a bad idea.
Remind me, some day, to tell you the story of my underling, the hospital, and the blue toner.

"Hey, I found this kid, isn't he yours? You should leash this thing..."

Every would-be world dominator was young once.

Sometimes, I find a pic and all I can think is that somewhere along the line, somehow, something went horribly wrong.

"Of course, Officer, anything you say. It's dark in here, though, perhaps you'd like to step out on the balcony and get a better look at the evidence..."

I just don't know.

Too Damn Cute™ Pic-of-the-Week

Well, his stubby little legs just can't keep up any other way.

That should keep those kids off of your lawn, Granny.

And there we go. I hope that makes up for the missed week. Have a great weekend, everyone. Me, I'll be on a Mystery Trip tomorrow, so I hope to come back with stories of adventure and silliness!


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