God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

So, yesterday should have been the Mystery Trip. Yes, should. We did head out and meet up with everyone for breakfast, but just before we got ready to hit the road, I got a phone call from a friend in need. Hated to bag out, but this was more important. (Next time, I promise!)

Anyway, that took up a nice chunk of my day, so we opted to make sure the day wasn't a loss, and did a little poking around in the second-hand shop. Picked up a nice coffee table for the main room, excellent condition, which means the steamer trunk that I've had for so long and which has been our coffee table will now last a lot longer. Also found a book that I've been meaning to replace for ages (Koko, by Peter Straub), and one of those automatic card shuffler machines (with all the geeky card games around the house, it's handy to have one). All in all, a successful trip.

In the evening, we headed back over to daemonwise & company's place. Hung out for a while, just enjoying the company, then ran a quickie, one-off game that was one of the most fun and hilarious things I've run in ages. Told everyone they were super-villains, made them rob a bank...this doesn't SOUND like it should have been that big a deal, but the laughter was thick and fast, the puns were terrible, the acting was worse, and we all had a blast. I have a feeling these second-rate bad guys may come out of the woodwork again, some night: Betty the Invisible (swanwhite), Doctor Nightmare (praenomenal), Dolly the Toy Mistress (saofoir), Cthulolita (typsie), and Armstrong (daemonwise).

Good times. Damn good times.

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