14 June 2008 @ 08:56 am
Went to house-sit at Doug's yesterday, since the movers were supposed to show up with their furniture. 6 hours later, they still weren't there, but Felicia came home so I didn't have to hang out. OK, no harm done, got to get some reading in and finally saw Fido, which was high-larious.

So, later that night, we head back over there to assemble Doug's new grills and do the glorious dinner thing men call barbecue. We get the gas grill together, and we're just about to start on the charcoal one (nice to have both) when the movers show up? Yes, something like 8:30pm, after saying they wouldn't make it until tomorrow. Well, the upshot is that their furniture is there, the downside is that they showed up in a semi instead of the box truck they were supposed to show up in, and this means they cannot get the damn thing into Doug's small gated community! Great...they tried to charge him an extra $100 for carrying the boxes and furniture all the way from the semi (now at least a block away) to the house, and after much argument, settled on $50.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get this grill together, in the dark and cold and wind, and it was 10 by the time I was done with it and they were done with the moving. By then, I was tired and sore and hungry, so we came on home and made sandwiches and passed out. Yeesh...

So, yeah, today, headed back over there about 3-ish to help move stuff around, and hopefully, people will show up around 5 or 6, and we'll get the grillin' and whatnot underway. Should be good times!
Current Music: Iron Maiden - Children of The Damned
paganellypaganelly on June 14th, 2008 05:42 pm (UTC)
Sweet baby Jeebus! Damn...so the movers had bad timing and couldn't get the right truck out there...nice.

I seen Fido. I likeded it.

Ah, men and the infamous Bar-bee-q. I hope that today works out better, is warmer and that everyone has a good time (and that you are less sore).
bitterfun on June 14th, 2008 05:56 pm (UTC)
Ditto on Fido. I loved the campy `50s angle they took.