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Get Comfy In Your Skin

For fucks sakes...OK, so this couple bought a new grill, and part of it, in the box, was wrapped in some newspaper (presumably to keep it from being scratched up). As it was made in a foreign country, the paper was foreign. They looked at it, and *gaspshockhorroromg* one of the women in one of the pix wasn't wearing clothes! Well, cue the outrage music.
"I was furious. Something like this came to the United States. A family could've bought this. It wasn't the fact that I don't have my children living here with me but if a husband, a family and kids could've got a hold of that, that was just wrong, wrong," said Summerdale resident Lorene Kinslow.
Oh, God yes, think of the children. Why they might have seen that women have breasts! That, that's just wrong!

You gotta be shitting me.

Come on, America. Wake the fuck up and get over it. It's skin and flesh, we all have it. It's really NOT a big fucking deal until you MAKE it a big deal. Frankly, raising our kids to understand that it's not a big deal might help, more than a little. The more you make a huge thing of it, the worse it gets. And this was just DUMB. One pic on a piece of newspaper, and this bitch goes to pieces. Anyone wanna lay bets on whether she's ever had sex outside of missionary position in the dark? Besides, how much does the average kid see in the way of breast-related stuff every day in ads, fashion, toys, games, TV, etc.? Americans are obsessed with breasts (probably why "boobs" is such a good name for Americans). Maybe it's good her kids don't live with her, so that she isn't repressing them into the ground.

Just saying, kids. Calm down and be comfy...and consider showing yourself sometime. It's quite liberating to realize it's no big thing.

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