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Recently, cobie mentioned that I seemed a lot happier lately. He remarked that this seemed to be due to my getting/arranging/acquiring various things that I'd mentioned in the past wanting/needing. This is completely true, a few things have fallen into place in recent times that I'm very glad to have. Last night, had another; it's been way too long since I've been to a good, high-energy, ass-kickin' rock show.

So, polarbear and I went to see a night full of grungy, bad-ass Southern rock. The Supersuckers took the stage at 9, and got things off to a good start. Did a good job of getting the crowd in the mood, riling us up and hitting us hard. They played for about an hour and headed out.

A short pause, and Nashville Pussy exploded on the stage like a bomb of pure ass-kickin'. These guys were the highlight of the show, hands down. Lots of energy, non-stop tracks, tearing into the tunes. An hour of that, and we were dragging, and the headliner hadn't even come on yet.

Another pause, and just as we were getting annoyed that we'd been left waiting, The Reverend Horton Heat came out, started playing immediately, and didn't let up for a while....except for once, when some asshole actually tossed a beer on him. Really looked like the bassist was gonna dive off the stage and kick the shit outta the guy, but it was taken care of. Two or three times, the show stopped for some banter that, really, could have been skipped, and for some odd reason, they are doing this string of covers as part of the act now. One from each of the past 5 decades, which might be OK if the 90's wasn't fucking Nirvana. It just didn't work for us, and it didn't feel right. The other tracks (50's: "Rock The Joint", 60's "King of the Road", 70's: "Lights Out", 80's: "Rock This Town") all worked, but that was a very incongruous note. Still, a damn good show...I just think Nashville Pussy showed them up. ;)

Concert pet peeves: I hate seeing people texting during a show. If it can't hold your attention, then why are you here? Also, OK, you're there with your friends, you're gonna toss a few words back and forth, sure. But if you are ignoring the show...the one you have to yell over...to go on and on for half a damn hour about how wasted you were last night and what happened at the party and how Jennifer is a bitch and how you're gonna fuck her up and what this guy did and that guy said blah blah blah blah...shut the fuck up and go back to the mall that spawned you.

All in all, and damn good night. Yes, I needed that.

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