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Metropolis: Complete

Metropolis, perhaps the most important film of German impressionism, indeed, one of the most important films of cinema history, was recently restored with as much of the footage restored as could be found. Even after painstaking research and collection, a quarter of the film was considered lost. Even with it missing, the restoration was an amazing thing to watch and enjoy.

Now, however, even that seems to have been found. A museum director in Buenos Aires discovered that a copy of the tapes in their possession was, in fact, a copy of the original "long" version of the film, as seen at the original showings in 1927.

Needless to say, this really excites me. Metropolis is one of my favorite films of all time (Hell, I've got 3 different versions here), so to see that it might finally be fully restored is a pretty big thing to me.

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