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Friday Pix

People getting new jobs, lives changing, world turning...oh, screw it, here's the Friday Pix!

That's gonna suck.

Aww, Little Johnny and Grampa are getting along fine.

Dream Big

That's, uh, a lot of tires.

Battle Of The Century!

Adorable and disturbing, all in one shoe.

He's got it all, his dog and his hog.

Lawnmowers of the Hell's Angels, next on Oprah.

I don't think this hiding place is working.

If you market it, they will buy it.


Damn, it's bright...what did I drink last night?

So, would this be "nwned"?

Great googly mooglies...

Nifty and disgusting, all in one frog.

The tree, it's staring at me...

Look what I made!

Wow, Playboy's quality has slipped...

Even supervillain chicks go to the bathroom in groups to gab.

Alien fashion show model?

Awwwwww x2

Photographers of the Wild

Yikes, he better run like a chic-...well, anyway.

When the homeless have laptops...it's time to reevaluate.

Hey, a sexy chick showing her pussy on webcam!

1.3 seconds before Mom rethinks her decision not to have Bobby's birthday party in the kitchen.

I can't come up with a caption funnier than the picture.

Reverse fountain?

Interesting plan...

Guess you can't be too safe, huh?

OK, time for me to get my 2 miles walking in. hope it gave you a smile and got your weekend started on a good note!


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