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Been kind of a full weekend, so far, though not as bad as it could have been:

- Friday night's Cthulhu game went well, with the first character death occurring (though this was planned; with Doug leaving town, we planned on letting him go out interestingly). I'm planning on keeping up the story over at [info]urbanhunter, since Doug wants to keep up with what happens. Just need to get off my ass and make the first posts.

- Saturday would have been this year's family reunion, but we opted to skip out on it, for various reasons, some of them due to my being a little annoyed at some petty things, some due to both of us just not wanting to deal with the family. Spent most of the afternoon at Doug's, helping him to pack up some of the house. He's not moving out just yet so it didn't have to be finished, just wanted to get the majority of stuff boxed and ready to be moved. That night was a marathon Guitar Hero session.

- Sunday, got up way too damn early to see Doug of, and should hear from him in a couple hours or so; he's supposed to call when he's safely in Bakersfield. Hey, I worry about the big lug. other than that, been hanging out with the family, working around the house, watching bad movies, etc.

Supposed to get hot this week, again. Funny, I was just talking last night about how I was enjoying the mild weather. Oh well, shouldn't last but a couple days, maybe 3. We'll see. I'll be keeping the house under lockdown and running the fans, so should be fine.

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