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Over the last couple weeks, workers have been re-shingling the roofs of my complex. Yesterday, they finally got around to mine. Now, I've done some roofing work in the past, not much, but a little. Certainly enough to make me wonder what the Hell they are doing when there is irregular but repeating thumping sounds that vibrate my floor two stories down. Anyway, they got going in earnest today...I'm pretty sure this is one of the Chinese Hells, the "Hell of the thumping roof."

Logged in to the game last night, and just as I hooked up with friends and got ready to go, I started having some odd connection issues. After trying some minor things, I log out to reboot my router. Guess what? Nothing. Reboot, no sync. Grumbled about Comcast for a bit, and waited it out. Eventually, it looks like something's going on from Comcast's end, so I'm thinking that I'll have it back in a moment. Back when I was in the middle of my siege of Comcast, I got used to running a ping test a lot to test the connection, so I pop one up to watch for things to smooth out. Imagine my surprise when the router finally gets itself together and I'm still getting nothing. Reboot the damn thing a few more times, and still nothing. I wait some more, figuring that things just need to get done at the head office, so to speak, and the ping still says things are timing out. Suddenly, it hits me like a bolt out of the blue: I know what the problem is!

I'm pinging the wrong damn IP address. *headdesk* Fixed that...oh, look, connection is just fine.

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