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Good times with the regular Monday night team, as usual. I have a special place in my heart for the ol' Galaxy City Regulars, as it was a supergroup concept that died and was resurrected under new management, and has now proved it can last and go the distance.

In other news, Afterlife Kid is finally going for the Field Crafter accolade. Yes, I said I wouldn't bother, because I don't feel like it and the badges to get it are anything you actually earn so much as buy...but the badge nut in me couldn't help it. He's got the cash, so I'm slowly but surely making it happen. No, I'm not doing a single crafting badge on any other character. Also, he just got his Fire Chief badge, so putting out all those fires paid off. For the record, between this and all the Flashback badges, he's up to 507 badges, I believe.

Yes, I'm an addict, but at least my addiction harms no one else. ;)

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