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Morning Convos

daemonwise: yup yup. it's all part of my plan to get so much dork under one roof that the rift opens up, and we're carried off into the magical land of dice trees and tang rivers, where the DM screens migrate seasonally with the release of new editions.
archmage: A land of fantasy, with Mountain Dew rains and Cheeto hills.
archmage: where geeks armed with legal pads and hardcover books meet on the Plains of Gygax for a yearly powwow.
daemonwise: followed with the ceremonious rite of passage, where the geek-warrior hopefuls stalk through the forests and hills, hunting the great and terrible White Wolf.
archmage: the truly worthy return with trophies in hand, but those that come back with only a GURPS page are deemed shamed.
daemonwise: i think this is the greatest thing i've seen in quite awhile.
archmage: It's certainly an exercise in geekdom...and we haven't even touched on comics, yet. ;)

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