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Rolled down to the Casa of Doom last night, as daemonwise was hosting some very old and close friends, dorslain and hauntedfaerie. He had this crazy notion of getting us into the same game, since he seems to think we're both excellent gamers and DMs. Eventually, the night's one-off festivities began...and thus began 5 straight hours of intense laughter, the likes of which I haven't felt in a while. I'm talking tears-down-the-face, stomach-muscles-hurting, oh-dear-god-you-went-there high-larity.

Really, I wish I could give you the full account of the insanity, but A) it wouldn't come across as quite as funny as it was at the time and B) that's a fuckton of typing that i don't really want to do. Just trust me, it was completely fuckin' funny.

This all coincided nicely with the next episode of the Candyhol Project (which can be checked at Bad Spirits and kept up with easily via badspiritsblog), so a break for taste-testing was in order. Meanwhile, the rest of the household played with LegosTM and probably were glad they weren't in the basement with us. ;)

Only one down note to the night, and some of you will twitch a lot reading this, consider yourself warned. As we pulled up at the house, I grabbed my books and stepped out of the car. I stumbled just a bit, and the nice pointy hardcover of the book got shoved into my chest, right under my right nipple ring, tearing things a little and popping the captive bead out of the ring. Needless to say, this hurt like a rancid motherfucker, and pissed me off as I'm been careful for over a year, now. And yes, it was the one that has been slower to heal, due to being pierced twice, so i guess i can add some MORE time to its healing. It looked worse than it was, thankfully, and the small amount of bleeding meant that, when it clotted, it held the ring in place, so I didn't have to worry much about it possibly turning and coming out. Once we got home, I cleaned it up, and grabbed another bead that Dianna had around...christ, those things are a bitch to get back in when you're at home, tired, and don't have the proper tools to work with.

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