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Sleep? Right.

Went to bed a tad earlier than normal, and had a very long and involved dream that woke me up...at 1am. WAY too early. Back to sleep for me.

Somewhere around 4, maybe 4:30am, I'm awakened by my smoke detector chirping at me. Most likely this is due to it deciding that it needs a new battery, except that I've had it randomly do this before, and then just decided to stop doing it again later...and yes, I test it every week or two, and it always works (this is the same one that works so well that a hot shower's steam sometimes sets it off). In fact, a few days ago it chirped at me, twice, and quit. Few days before that, it chirped for about 20 minutes, then quit.

So, chirping. Just often enough to keep you from falling asleep. I realize that Dianna is awake as well, and tell her that she should go downstairs and get on the couch, so she can get some sleep. She agrees and stumbles downstairs with her blanket. Me, I lay there, counting chirps. And counting. And counting.

Just as I lose count and start to pass out...I wake up again. Why? Because it's stopped chirping, at 7:30am. Fuck you, smoke detector.

And before anyone asks, no, taking the battery out doesn't help. It seems to have a small internal capacitor so that, it can keep chirping without a battery to remind you to put a new one in. I see a nap in my afternoon schedule.

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