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That'd Be A Ten On The 'Whoops Scale'.

Seems a teacher in Arizona was doing some stuff with photography, so hooked his computer up to a projector to show some appropriate pics/lessons. He then gave out assignments, and left them to work. Figuring he had some time to kill, he watched a little bondage porn...but forgot he still had the projector hooked up. Oops.

Way to go, jackass. You're still in class, what the fuck are you doing watching porn? Plus, you're an idiot for not taking all safety precautions when doing something dumb, like, oh, unplugging the projector before getting so into your porn that you didn't notice IT WAS BEING PROJECTED, even when students tried to alert you to your idiocy.

I don't see anything wrong with the subject matter in question, and don't feel he should be judged by it. but, damn dude, there's a time and a place.

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