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I finally had to snap at Erik today. I don't mean getting annoyed at him...again...for not doing his work, I mean full-on, push-the-rage-down, you-wouldn't-like-me-when-I'm-angry kinda snap. Why? Same stupid shit as always. Not getting his work done, not doing the things he's supposed to do, and apparently not giving a shit about doing any better. Some of it is his particular problem, the one he takes meds for, that makes him easy to distract and hard to keep on focus. I've tried being sensitive to that, but when Dianna brings him home and is in tears because she's at her wits end with him...nothing pounds on a guy's Rage Button like seeing his lady hurting.

I feel like I did a pretty good job of keeping as calm as possible, while making sure that he understood just how completely fucking mad I was...which was not easy, as i was beyond livid. I hope I set some things straight about what was and was not acceptable. My only threat in there was that, if this kind of thing continued, I was not going to bother trying not to be angry and that he did not want to see me that way...nor did I want to be that way.

I just dunno. It's not the age, it's that he truly just doesn't think or remember things. Anything we can do as a reminder still requires him to do it, or to remember what that's a reminder to do.

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