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Woke up early, and managed to fall back asleep and wake up about 2 minutes before polarbear showed up at my door. BTW, walking is still going well, it's nice to do that distance that would have kicked my ass before, and not be winded or exhausted when I get back.

For some odd reason, I'm all but falling asleep at the keyboard right now. Not sure why I'm so tired.

My mouse's right button is being very bitchy. You have to really put some force into it to make it click. this isn't the end of the world, but it IS very annoying. Found a great replacement on mega-sale, and it was sold out by the time I went to get it. Just don't have the cash to drop forty or fifty bucks on a new mouse that will be as good as this one (been using this Logitech MX510 for a while now), so i just have to deal. May very well open it up soon, see if I can just fix it.

Finished watching the entire series of Surface last night (thanks for letting me borrow it, circle23, I'll get that copy of Ultraviolet to you soon!). The acting wasn't great, and the writing was, well, not good, but the idea was wild and the story was cool. I see many reasons why it never went a second season, but it's still too bad that the story will never be resolved. This also leads me into a rant on lowered standards and why I'm depressed about it, but that's for another time.

Groceries just got delivered, so I guess I should go put them up.

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