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Friday Pix

People have asked me why I do this, week after week. It's very simple, I do it because I love you.

Team Spirit means helping each other wherever you can

Ooh, better grab it while it's at this low sale price


Ninja cat attacks!

I think I may have posted this guy before, in the past. If so, well, he's still funny.

On vacation in Fort Lauderdale, it's Goats Gone Wild!

It's difficult to look tough when your fly is undone.

How'd you like to find this in your sleeping bag?

Just what every kid needs for the new school year...

Vegetarian music

Next on Fox: When Cherubs Attack


Now, that's dedication to getting the shot.

Steve Harris, bassist for Iron Maiden. Included because he's still one of the ass-kickin'est people on the planet.

Whatever you were cooking, I think it's done.

When you can no longer look down, maybe it's time to stop.

"Hang on to me! No one's gonna die here today!" I was gonna say "+5 points for anyone who gets the reference", but I don't think anyone actually ever saw Cliffhanger.


When you're tired enough, you'll sleep anywhere.

Maybe the giant vats of paint would have been better in the trunk.

Cassie thinks she has the best way to get the cat to use the litterbox.

Parenting in the animal kingdom

See, cats do grow on trees.

Someone wasn't paying attention.

Knitting Jam!

So, can you feel the love? Just trying to make everyone's week a little better, you know. Enjoy, have a great weekend, and remember, we do accept tips.


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