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Monday Morning, Again

Gee, the rest of the weekend was sorta anticlimactic...go figure. Yes, Di made it safely back to Vancouver, where Chuckles continued letting his true colors shine through by being a dickhead...which I'm glad for. Go ahead, Pot-Boy, keep proving what a useless waste of flesh you really are. Di's getting the paperwork started today, to kick that freak to the curb. Meanwhile, my co-worker Lee has offered me the use of her help and her trailer to move...kick ass!

Only other thing happening this weekend was the beginning of part 2 of the Kult game. And what a beginning. caliban has been trained by cybernetic rats to control his transformation from human to rat-demon...but it causes him to go a little bit more insane every time he does it. kespernorth has spent the meantime at the Asylum, being taught the paths of madness by an insane "doctor", who apparently operated on his brain...he understands so much more now, and the world seems to be a funnier place, but strangely, he cannot seem to laugh at it. 01flux, who has maintained her sanity up to this point by convincing herself that it has all been either a nightmare of a hallucination, has hit with gritty reality, when she discovered that she is, in fact, a created human, born of lightning and science, birthed from a vat, and meant to be an experiment in human potential locked in the genetic code...her mom and her brother are also created subjects, all of her memories were implanted, and her father is the man that made them all...I think her sanity had the farthest slide.

I'm such an evil bastard...and it only gets worse.

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