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So, in the end, last night's edition of BMaB was a success. Guest list was Di and myself of course, The Casa de Doom family (daemonwise, typsie, praenomenal, and saofoir), worshipthesnake and moonchylde, and divinemissb and madeofmeat, who I've not seen in too long. Plenty of rum was consumed (beer, too, of course), as well as copious amounts of daemonwise's amazing Bruschetta From Hell and my Unstoppable Pretzels. The Gamers went over well (room full of gamers, here, what would you expect?), and Rock'n'Roll Frankenstein, well...OK, look, I'm not kidding when I say I look for some hideous films, sometimes. When I'm told that, if I ever find one worse that this, people might just not show up, then I know I've seriously scraped the bottom of the barrel, and I take it as a compliment. ;)

Tons of hilarious moments and quotes, most of which I'll never remember but which will bubble to the surface in coming weeks, but the quote board in my kitchen finally got a new one, after way too long, which I credit to Miss Kat: "Kosher vampires only go for the lactose intolerant." Still makes me laugh.

Thanks for a great night, you guys. I promise, next time, the movies won't be as bad as R'n'RF. :P

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