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Haven't posted a dream in a long time. Last night's was involved and convoluted enough that it took me a minute to establish that I was awake afterward.

I know that it was me and some woman. I think she was supposed to be Dianna, but she wasn't, you dig. We were wandering around some slightly overgrown areas that were being trimmed, but not today, so half the area was mowed, and other patches not. I knew we were planning on gaming, and we were looking for someone who was supposed to join us. There was another guy with us, but I dunno who he was. Anyway, we walked across to a park, where this other person was supposed to meet us, and found an old baseball diamond, except that there were graves in the middle on the field and it was all overgrown. We found the person we were looking for, who looked like a young Bruce Campbell. This 'other guy' is gone by now, but I toss an arm over both Bruce's and the girl's shoulder, and we go off walking, almost tripping on the gravestones.

We walk down the street, and then we're driving. We're behind a hearse that has an odd, cut-out hatchback, and the interior is down in taupe leather. It's driving very erratically. Finally, we walk into a building, and along with a bunch of other people, into a movie theatre. They were supposed to be showing Rocky Horror, but we were too busy talking and goofing off with other people. Someone semi-famous was there, but he'd never seen it., and we were giving him shit about it. Eventually, a bunch of us got up and left, through a different door. pornrockangel came up behind me and started asking me about Halloween. I answered her about my plans (which mirrored my actual plans at this point, BTW), and as we moved on, she started to leave and then came back. I thought she was coming on to me, but it turns out she just wanted a beer.

Anyway, we went downstairs and into the back of the building, where we went through some guy's shop. I seemed to remember that it used to be something else, so it was odd, but a basement staircase in the back led to a "half-price hearses" area, which turned out to belong to friends. I almost knocked my head on the low doorway, which felt lower than I remembered it. Down in this area, it was all friends, and we got to drinking wine and goofing off. I remember discussing where we were gaming this week with someone who looked a lot like caliban. Dianna (definitely her, this time)got up and said she was leaving. She was annoyed that people weren't watching what they were doing and knocking into her. I convinced her to stay, and I left the room. I hit my head again, and told the guy that he needed to do something about that door.

In the next shop over, it was the same layout but abandoned, and the basement door wasn't so low. Apparently I had to piss, and I thought the bathrooms were this way. Down these stairs, it was some kind of Halloween shop, like Party City or something, but seemed unused. I wandered around a little, looking at things, when some guy moved a huge door that was only half-height, saying that it was a bitch to move because "she got the wrong door." He left, I went through the door to find a completely abandoned area. I was on a platform, and the floor below was flooded. I would have to swim to get to the bathrooms. I sat down to tried to decide if I had to go that bad or if I would just be uncouth and go elsewhere while no one was looking.

A voice behind me called my name, and laughed, saying they knew "someone that was going in", and tried to push me into the water. I grabbed their hand, and pulled them off balance. They fell in the water, and tried to pull me in, still playing, but couldn't. It was my ex-g/f Emily, and I helped her out. The water was coming out a doorway, and someone else poked their head out, and somehow got around to us. I saw another couple coming from where I'd been, and they asked if anyone knew what had happened. Eventually another pair of girls joined Emily and I, and we all just looked at the water, wondering what to do. One of them apparently just decided, what the hell, and started to strip her clothes off. The rest of us began to follow suit. Before we got nude, though, we noticed that the water had mostly drained away, so we walked through the puddle to the doors. There were a lot of other people here, by now.

Through the door was someone's apartment, kinda, but odd. Signs saying not to touch anything, and odd decor. A lot of little decorative fishtanks, and a set-up of fishtank stuff that was out in the open. Even saw something bubbling like it was underwater, but it was out on a table, and it creeped me out. Another room was full of little plant growths, like bonsai, only more leafy, less tree-like. The whole place was well-lit and lived in, but had the feel of not being cleaned. I went into the next room, and at a long table sat about 8 people or so, all eating little fish and plants, and a sign that said something about gourmet dining, some club or something. They were really quiet, though, so I just went past them.

I found a very tight hallway, like if you were in an RV, and entered another door. There, I found toilets, 2 of them side by side, but someone was sleeping in the room, and since this was their house, i didn't wanna wake them up. I went back down the hallway, with the walls full of blankets on shelves, and absolutely EVERYWHERE were cat footprints, like it had walked in mud. I made another turn, and came back to the front area, but there was a counter here and some old guy at it. We were trapped on this side of the counter, and he was ignoring us. I gave three small black children a lift to get over the counter and it was just me and another guy stuck here. The counter was too high to pull up on to. We looked around and found a stool, and when the other guy trapped here with me dragged it out to climb on, it opened up a way to get behind the counter. I got back there and started to think of how to climb over now, when I realized I didn't need to. I walked out.

Then I woke up.

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