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Friday Pix

It's been a rough week for some of you, so I hope that this is the end of that stress and the beginning of a relaxing weekend.

Defective Giraffe (for the interested, it appears he just grew this way, and he gets around and functions just fine)

Mustang Tricycle

Well, whatever Baby needs, Baby gets.

Spiderman, The Early Years

I'm not sayin' she did it, but that's an awfully sly smile...

I'm not sayin' she did it, but that's an awfully guilty look...

"OK, so, the sand is lava, right, and you can't touch it...go!"

The bulldog thinks my captions suck this week.

"Whoo, what a day, my dogs are killing me."

I'm not sure what park this is, but they seem to have a rash of bumper destruction.

Big one, comin' through, hope the little one can get out of the way in time...

If this was waving goodbye to you, could you leave it behind? I couldn't.

Fiber-optic hair adornment

This is just about as isolated as you can get, methinks.

If you need me, I'll be here.

King Dog says: "Don't hate on the crown."


Perfect beach

Vintage cheap costume

Mom and baby

I can't look at this pic without laughing. A lot. Repeatedly. Gotta move on now...

"OK, I'm in, too. Let's do this!"

"'Sup, guy?"

Hope you got a smile, and maybe a pic to show to a friend. If you did, then my day is already a good one. Have a great weekend!


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