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My One Political Plea

I've gone out of my way to avoid the political bullshit over the last few months. Even made a point of not posting any of my mindless anti-government humour. As for my leanings, well, again, if you know me at all it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

We're down to the night, kids. And thank fucking Cthulhu, too, because I'm completely tired of it all. Every four years, this country becomes more and more divided, clawing at each other's throats, making sweeping generalizations and wild claims that only serve to add more hate and enmity among the citizens. You can't watch the news, read the papers, or surf the web without a constant barrage of bullshit, appeals to fear and ignorance, clips of frenzied crowds losing their minds over empty and trite rhetoric. No one wants to say why you should choose them, simply why you should NOT choose their opponent. it's no better than pro wrestling, a bunch of bluster and hot air, lots of flashing pretty lights and cheap concessions and t-shirts and signs and rabid crowds.

So, here you go. I'm not going to ask you a favor as a citizen of this country, because that's not, in my opinion, something to be all that proud of. As a human being, though, I'm asking you to think. Just think, and make a smart choice. Not a choice that comes from your overly-emotional heart, one that has no real thought behind it, influenced by hyperbole. I'm asking you to think about the way things are, our position in the global community, the world's opinion of us compared to what it once was, and the trends that affect us and where they've been going. You have a chance to say that this is not good, and that we need to not just keep doing what we're doing. You have a chance to stop digging the hole deeper and burying us further. You have a chance to stop being a slave to the political system's manipulation of your emotions, and say "no more." I'm asking you to stop defining yourself by a tenuous connection to a nebulous organization who doesn't really do anything but use you as a resource, and actually use logic to make a choice that is good for the country and the world, not one that makes your few square feet of land feel good.

Hey, as long as I'm dreaming, might as well go all the way, huh?

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