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Friday Pix

Seems to have been a bit of a weird week for a lot of us. not sure why, but who cares, it's Friday now, and that means the weekend is upon us. That means easy times for a bit. And, perhaps least importantly, that means it's time for the Friday Pix!

This beehive was under a guy's grill. Sheesh...

Happy baby bear


Bacon cheeseburger, served between two thin grilled bacon-cheese sandwiches. Oh, god, that looks good.

No, I have no idea why this guy is buried in two halves.

Goose stampede!

The Butcher's Valentine

I'm not convinced that this isn't staged. Still funny, though.

I guess those that are addicted to huge "bling" get to the point where they aren't choosy.

I hope I'm this happy to have my portrait taken, some day.Yes, I know this is Heywood Banks.

How to tell when it's time to admit you don't ride anymore.

I want this watch. Or, I would if I wore one.

Dee Snider, is that you?

Only cats, man. Only cats.

"You want a piece of me? Huh?"

Worlds collide

Oh, good, my toddler wanted a six-pack.

Oral love died? Since when? I guess I'm just living in the past...

Next time someone I know needs to get a pair, I'll know where to have them search.

Well, she'll never lose count...

dragon_smoke needs this shirt, so when things get hairy at the library, she can hide.

You didn't think I'd make it through one without a "wish I was here" pic, didja? Looks kinda like where we camped, not long ago.

Some people never grow up.

"Come on, dammit, Mom left ME in charge!"

That's one way to tell that guy you're sick of his loud stereo.

This guy is proud of that hair.

OK, gang, that should get your weekend kickstarted, and hopefully give you a reason to giggle at work on a Friday. Be good (or be good at it), and have a great one, and a better one afterwards.


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