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And So It Begins

Do any of you remember my saying that sexual orientation was going to be the racism of this generation? That those who forget history are doomed to repeat it? Make sure you're sitting down.

Catholic School Forces Lesbian Mother Off PTA Board Over Prop. 8

Life's becoming more and more like a bad production of The Crucible every day. After news that a Catholic priest in South Carolina is denying communion to anyone who voted for Obama (note: clarification on this below), comes a report that a Fresno, California woman was forced to resign from her position as President of a P.T.A. board after she attended a "No on 8" rally.

Robin McGehee's 5 year old son Sebastian attends St. Helen's Catholic School. After being alerted that Robin went to a vigil against Prop. 8 with her wife Kathy Adams, the Diocese of Fresno ordered her to resign because she had gone against church teachings. Tiffany Rodriquez, the P.T.A. Vice-President resigned in protest over the decision.

In a letter to parents and teachers, McGehee wrote:
"It is with great regret that I compose this letter. Because of my decision to speak against a Proposition that would - and has - hurt my family, I have been asked to resign as President of the Parent Teacher Organization."
St. Helen's had long been aware that McGehee was a lesbian and she says she's never made any effort to conceal her family. She is now looking for a new school for her son.


Read that again, to be sure you got it. Not asked to resign because she was a lesbian, as this was never hidden. Asked to resign because she spoke her mind and supported her side of a debate by attending a rally. No matter what side of this argument you're on, this is just plain wrong. This is discrimination, pure and simple, and I find it appalling. Any supporter of democracy and free speech should be angry, in my opinion, and that's not just me trying to rile anyone up; made to leave your job because you exercised your rights as a citizen of the United States?

BTW, as far as the priest, it's not that he was denying communion to Obama supporters. He stated in a church bulletin article that if you voted for Obama, you need to exercise restraint upon yourself and not receive communion. Convenient, right? He's not going to stop you, but he's sure gonna go out of his way to make you feel guilty and bad for, again, exercising your rights. This should be no surprise, really, religion has a history of making people feel bad for doing anything that isn't in line with their particular text.
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