God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Birthday Plans...Hair Washing?

daemonwise and I discuss my upcoming natal anniversary...

daemonwise: so whatcha doing for your birthday, btw?
archmage: Nothing that I am aware of.
archmage: Getting a year older, officially, though I considered not even doing that. Alas, the Universe won't let me skip that part.
daemonwise: meh. just start over. my buddy is turning 12 next year.
archmage: Eww, I'm not going through those years again.
archmage: Hmm...well...can I bring Monica Bellucci with me?
daemonwise: it's your birthday, sir. you can do whatever you want. my present to you is holding off the police for as long as possible.
archmage: Awww, just what I always wanted!
daemonwise: i'm considerate like that.
daemonwise: so, would you like to do anything for your birthday?
daemonwise: besides ms. bellucci, that is
archmage: Oh, well, damn, had to erase what I was typing.
daemonwise: LOL
archmage: Eh, there's nothing special I want to do. I'll have a few drinks and see friends...which is you guys, anyway. ;)
daemonwise: hmmm, i dunno. we might be washing our hair. all of us. all weekend.
daemonwise: i mean, come on, us? drink?!
daemonwise: p-shaw.
archmage: well, FINE. It's only my BIRTHDAY.
daemonwise: snicker
daemonwise: almost made it through that with a straight face.
archmage: Yeah, right.
daemonwise: i did say almost.
archmage: I tell you what, I'll see about washing Monica's hair while you do that.
daemonwise: i can think of no response that would be appropriate on my work computer.
daemonwise: you win one (1) internet.

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