God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Hell Is...

...working this fucking job.

Feel free to skip this, or hold on.

First off...we are the department that deals with certian technologies, such as DSL Home Network equipment. Have we received any training on it? Do we know what all is in it? How it works? ANYTHING about it? NO.

We are one of the 2 call centers that are supposed to be handling ALL the calls about the lastest acquisition. Do we have ANY information onit, to handle those calls? NO.

We are changing all records, slowly, from one database to another...and the promotional deal codes, etc., aren't setup in the new one...but we move poeple there anyway. So When a customer calls in, to make a simple change, half the time, we can't. Is there anything we can do? NO, except blow off the customer or outright LIE to them.

We have a 'resource queue' to handle problems, escalations, etc...it's always got a hold time (really annoying when you are on a call), and yet, at our last meeting, wee are told they are CUTTING DOWN the number of people in it.

We are supposed to, instead use the internal corporate IM to contact themn for minor stuff...this is the IM program they FINALLY got set up at the beginning of this year, and which CRASHES several times a day.

They decided they didn't want to pay the Team Leads (a sort of mid-range between grunts and supes), so they demoted them all back to grunts, or they left...this meant the supes don';t have them around to fob work off on, so they are CONSTANTLY swamped now.

We are told our first thing to try and use for qwuestions is our online resources...which they are constantly changing, moving, or removing, and doing this WITHOUT WARNING US.

I'm so glad I'm leaving...and maybe earlier than I thought.

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