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Feline Update

So, as stated, if you get down on her level and stay cool, she's a little love machine. Just beautiful, too. I make a point of working with her a little bit, several times each day, letting her get used to me and the house but not pushing it. She's slowly but surely warming up.

Woke up this morning and couldn't find her. Di said she was out when she woke up, and I finally found her in my woodbox. While I wasn't looking, though, she went back behind the couch, but later in the day, I noticed her slowly creeping over to the stairs and heading up, so she's starting to explore. When I got up to go in the kitchen a few minutes ago, she freaked out because she was on the counter and ran into the laundry area, but I sat down on the floor and waited, and she came out to me. A good sign, to say the least.

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