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So, the weekend has passed and the new week begins. We've received some snow in my neck of the woods...which is sort of funny, as it seems that everyone in this town just south of me got a bunch and whatnot, and all we got was a dusting. Regardless, first snow of the season means that half the damn city decided to go out and prove that they can't remember how to drive in snow. Useless idiots, I swear.

My b'day fun has come and gone, and that's OK, it was a lot of good times with some of the best people I know. I received several good pix as per my annual request, including these two from my buddy madeofmeat, who made me rock horns out of bacon and then cooked them. If that's not bad ass, I dunno what is.

My feet are cold, dammit.

Oh, let's see, feline update. She's still skittish, but is now spending most of her time up in our bedroom, instead of behind the couch. Di even walked in on her sleeping on top of the bed, which is pretty bold for her, so she's coming along. Still gonna be a while before she's completely comfortable with us, but she's coming along nicely. Also, she's been named: as of the party Friday night, she's now referred to as "Betty Page", since she's mostly in black, and looks scared while being slinky. She's already reacted to the name, so I think she took to it well.

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