June 11th, 2001



I'm feeling very old today. Not bad, just old. Or maybe I should say out of shape.

When you spend the weekend trying to keep up with a sexual powerhouse 5 years younger, and you really haven't had sex for a while, well, it takes a lot out of a man. I'm not complaining, it's great to be getting back into the swing of things, so to speak, but damn, am I sore. And I can't kick this cough, so it's doubly annoying.

Got my Dreamcast, and boy, am I gonna be in trouble there...LOL. Too many games, not enough time!

Then there's the Chamblin Situation. Well, not having seen her for almost a week, (between her being gone and my being gone), here's the best update I can give. She apparently has a job in Portland (dunno what), so I guess that will light a fire under her ass to get out. She doesn't appear to be moving along on that front, but i guess that'll happen. I'll put up with it for a little longer, just to keep things cool....
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Chamblin is going to stick it out until next Wednesday, and then she'll be out, supposedly. Zoe is coming up to help her pack...I'm a little apprehensive as to what she will be like around me, but I can hope. Like I said, I always liked Zoe, and her beiong Chamblin's friend is bound to make this strained. Cha tells me that she hasn't bashed me to her, but that doesn't mean that Zoe may not still have some animosity towards me. Well, whatever. As long as none of my stuff disappears and ends up in pawn, then I'm happy.
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It's been brought to my attention lately that I am too sensitive, that I take things to heart that were probably just small meaningless jokes. I didn't used to be this way...I hate to say it's because of Chamblin, but i think that's a lot of it.

Anyway, I went and took The Triadic Enneagram Test to see what it said...I was actually a little surprised:

Primary Intelligence: Mental
Coping Style: Reactive
Social Style: Compliant
Hierarchical Style: Harmony

Sixes seek harmony with the world by complying to group standards. As mental types, they are preoccupied with danger, as their minds think of one dangerous scenario after another. They seek safety through group membership, perhaps because there is safety in numbers. Being keenly aware of the possibility for danger, they can react quickly when something seems amiss. At their best, Sixes make very loyal friends.
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