June 14th, 2001


Blast Radius

Well, my apartment looks like an explosion at a moving company. Now that the moving van with Alice's stuff finally got here, this means that I finally have my STUFF. I have been without nearly everything I own for over a year, so I am in heaven now, just having my things back. But between boxes of my stuff, boxes of Alice's stuff, and Cha starting to pack HER stuff in boxes, well, you can imgine what it looks like.

I find it easier to stand Cha's presence, now that I don't HAVE to care. Don't get me wrong, I STILL don't want her around, but I'm not as grumbly and ready to kil her. I still plan on spending the weekend at Heidi's again, for the most part. Every so often, I get another glimpse at how she feels towards me...*g* It's a great feeling, to be attractive like this again.

Going out to shoot pool tonight with her and Charlie and ALice, maybe even Lisa. I'm loving life again.
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    Curve - The Birds They Do Fly