June 15th, 2001



Head hurts...out too late...not enough sleep. I've gotta get a new work schedule. I put in for the 10:30-7:30 shift...I don't want it, but the only other option is 3-midnight, and that's a NO FUCKIN' WAY for me. Maybe I'll get lucky and get this specialist position...

I shouldn't even have gone out last night, but I wanted to see Heidi, and I followed the wrong head and chose to stay there last night. Now, I don't in ANY way mean I didn't like and didn't enjoy what DID go on, or that I wouldn't do it again, because I would. I refer only to staying at the bar until 1 in the morning, knowing that I had to get up at 4:30, and make Alice drive me to work (I might add, I ended up sleeping until 6 and calling work and telling them I'd be late, got here about 6:20). And I'll be like this all weekend, at least I can sleep in each morning.

Speaking of no car, I hate that too. Ever since Cha wrecked my car close to a year ago, I've had to bus it or be driven everywhere...and I hate being a passenger. Now that we are breaking up, Cha is giving me the Probe, as stated, but it doesn't even run. I guess I can hope that it'll be cheap to fix.

Just felt like ranting. I need painkillas and sleep.
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