June 21st, 2001


Class 1 Customers

See? I just got off the phone with a Class 1. Her call had NOTHING to do with our service, was NOTHING that we supported, but she was old, so i took the few minutes to figure out her problem, and she was so happy I could hear her bouncing in her chair that it worked again. Spent 10 more minutes on the phone while she told me the best vitamins to keep yourself young and healthy as you age. What a sweetie.
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In The HAUGH!!!

I gotta give a welcome blast out to ravenlace! This is my good friend Gwen, mentioned just recently...another convert, LOL!
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Seeya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

And the page turned, and a new chapter opened, and it was written thus:

"She was gone."

Gone like the wind. Gone like yesterday's napkins. Gone, Daddy, Gone.

She didn't make it easy, she lost her keys, so she wasn't gone when I got home, and I had to actually see the boys off, which was hard. And she STILL couldn't everything in, but anything left she'll get next week or something.

I'm going to go celebrate, with a six-pack, and comfy couch, and a beautiful woman...
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