June 22nd, 2001


Sleeping Patterns

It has been said that either I am out like a light and dead to the world, or I am a riot to watch sleep, depending on the night. I've been known to wake up enough to have a short conversation with someone before I actually am awake enough to remember what I said, but it was an intelligent convo, if a little weird. I've also been known to wake up at odd hours and say/do strange things. Needless to say, it can be embarrassing if you happen to be sleeping next to someone who you may not have known all that long.

So last night I'm staying, well, you can guess where...anyway, we finally crashed, and somewhere in the middle of the night i had a long drawn-out convo with the ceiling apparently, and then, around 2am, I sat bolt upright, turned around, crossed my legs Indian-style, and woke her up, telling her we should go to bed. Yeesh...

I am Jack's complete embarrassment.

And she understood. She didn't get mad, she actually thought it was kinda cute, and didn't laugh at me too much about it. Damn, I like this girl....
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Word To The Wise

Just a thought...and a hard one to get out off my mind at the moment...

When shaving or trimming sensitive areas, be aware of any moles that you might have that stick out from the body. Especially if you are using clippers. They bleed like stuck pigs and they hurt like a muthafacko...and there are some areas a guy doesn't wanna see covered in blood.

Dunno why I thought you'd wanna hear about this.
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