July 12th, 2001


For a change, an EXCELLENT day

OK, start the day by calling in sick to work. Not going in today, too much important stuff to do. Then, more sleep. Need much rest, big day ahead.

Now, middle of the day, hook up with caliban, 01flux, and emeraldsight and go to see "Final Fantasy". DAMN, in-fuckin-credible. Beautiful. I can't say anything more, words fail me. I was blown away. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats, I'll see it again and again.

Now, that was sweet, but was just the appetizer; time for the main course. Head to the U-District, hit the University Bookstore, and wait. Why you ask? Because there's a booksigning this evening, and the man of the hour is the King of B Movies, the Human Chin, everyone's favorite wise-cracking, department-store working, chainsaw wielding Everyman-Hero.

Yes, I got to meet Bruce Campbell.

What a guy. Funny, opinionated in a downplayed way, and just too much fun to hang around. We had a blast, and I'll post the pix as soon as I get them. I don't want to sound too much like a fanboy, but it really was a helluva lot of fun. So now a I have his autograph, with the inscription 'Come Get Some!'...tres cool.

And got to end the night by heading to Heidi's place and cheering her up, it had been an off day, and my being there seemed to help immensely. Which, of course, felt great.

A day that shall live in my memory for a long time.
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Contemplations on the Futility of Existence

A friend of mine, I won't say who, recently sent me something to read. It was just a stream of consciousness kind of thing, an observation of one's place in the grand scheme of life. The gist of it was that this person had come to realize that they did not and probably would not do anything to advance the human race, including procreate, and that's fine, he told me he was just fine, just sorta thinking out loud. But I wanted to throw a couple thoughts back out, and I choose to do it here. He'll catch them eventually.

1. You are my brother in spirit, and that makes more of a difference than most things I can think of. Therefore, you HAVE advanced the race, because I WILL procreate someday, and if not for you and a few others, I might not have. So you have ALREADY advanced the race.

2. In response to the last line...I don't care what you think. *I* will have something to say. And I will make the world my audience.

I love you, m'man.
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