July 19th, 2001


Ahhh...Pastry Goodness

Finally getting my game underway tonight...man, i can't wait. I haven't been able to game, really game, for more than a year, so you better believe I'm geared up for this. Now, to see their expressions when I unleash my new scenario (written during a departmental meeting at work).

Christ...I'm about to miss a second payment on the car. I'm sure glad Alice is finally working, that will help. Just have to build up the reserves again.
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Lost Angels

Joined the Lost Angels Collective today. I accidently ran across them and thought it was tres cool, to say the least. Another excuse to do my own work for a change is a good thing. Hell, I've been spending so much time doing everyone else's webwork that I haven't done a single thing for myself in months...and I'm STILL not finished.

This is just proof of the way I operate. I say 'yes, I'll do that for you' and then I say it again, and again, and pretty soon I'm swamped, and have no time to get it all done, much less have time for myself. I'd like to say that as soon as I get this last bit of stuff done, I'm going to not do anything for anyone else for a while, but I know that is not true. Ah, well, I'm prolly just a sucker for a pretty smile, since most of this work is for good-lookin' women! *LOL*
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Alternate Names

Got a list of a shitload of 'name generators'...so here are my various aliases...

Metal Gear Solid Name: Anonymous Hawk
Hip-Hop Name: Grandmaster Nasty Cube of the Underground
Oz Prison Bitch Name: Shower Stalker
Wu-Name: The Ever So Weary Assistant
Star Wars Name: Frapr Coorl, Ttacadillac of Valium
Reggae Name: Nattyman
Viking Name: Frosti Wartooth
Hobbit Name: Fastolph Loamsdown of Great Smials
Tough Name: Bronc Hardslab
Pagan name: Eldritch Winter Phoenix
Louis Farrakhan African name: Shawasha
Alternative Rock Name: Sid Rotgut
Blues Name: Core Soulman
Classical name: Ike Anthandelit
Country Music Name: Cherry-poppin' Cash
Jazz Name: Luvtha Bassman
Metal Name: DD Maddoxx
Pop Rock Name: Sammy Slamms
Mob Nickname: The Mannequin
TecnoPagan Name: Eloquent Surge Protector
Lesbian Name: Devil RoundCunt
White Trash Name: Slim-Bo Dubard
and lastly, my Pokename and Characteristics:Vultwo


You live in the oceans of Australia, and your diet consists mostly of berries, grapes and green tea.


You can eat fire. You can resist granola. You can spit broken glass. You can eat Mr. PiBB. You can drink water. You can shoot Dr. Pepper. You can throw hot death.

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