July 31st, 2001


Late Night Stuff and Nonsense

I finally got to spend some time with Christian. Sure, it was sitting around, playing video games, watching bad movies, and checking out porn, but it was cool anyway. We're tentatively planning for me to take a week or something, sometime in the future, and come down to San Diego, to check out the Cali thing...which will be cool. Hopefully, I can arrange to see TC and Sara while I am there, but that will have to be worked out at the time.

Hmmm...chatting on Trillian with a friend, sounds like she isn't being treated right...think I'll give her a call...
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OK...so I spent until 5:45 in the morning talking to devilsdarling, and my alarm goes off at 7am. It was still good, and I'm glad I did. She is a very cool, friend, and I don't like the idea of her being mistreated, she's so much better than that, and deserves better. Hopefully not the last phone convo I will have with her. And it would be cool to see her if I get down California way.

Well, talked to Mom today, and she is going to start seeing about changing my plane tix from leaving Seattle to leaving Baltimore. Everything is coming into place. Talked to her about Heidi, too. Sure, she gave me shit about it, seeing as how she has seen me go thorugh girlfriend after girlfriend, seeing the patterns, and hearing me say that it is different each time, knowing that it ends up the same, but I think that even she can tell that things are in a different vein for a change.

Add to everything the fact that today is payday, and in addition to my pay and my commission, we got our bonus checks...man, I'm gonna feel real good paying off those outstanding bills. May have nothing left afterwards, but they'll be out of my hair. It's a good day.
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