August 6th, 2001


I Know Why The Zombie Moans...'s fatigue! ever seen one sleep?

I could have sworn that I posted this morning, but i suppose I didn't...which just goes to show how out of it I am. I haven't seen my house all weekend (as usual), so I suppose this is my weekend update. Actually, there isn't much to tell, I spent a good amount of it watching movies.

Saturday, Heidi and I were going to go see a Chinese art exhibit, but we sort of got occupied, and didn't. Decided we would see it Sunday. Sunday, well, we still didn't go, but went and saw 'The Score'. I have heard so many bad reviews of this film, but, c'mon, it's DeNiro, f'fuck's sakes! I liked it, so take that or leave it.

Only odd thing happening this weekend was a call I found on my voicemail, saying it was from the free clinic and my test results were in, could I please call immediately? Well, luckily for my sanity, I recognized the voice as belonging to my buddy Merddynn, so I was very glad to talk to him again. He is gonna try and be in the Virginia area around the time I am there...I can just see me getting there and getting to hang with Isaac and Merddynn, the 3 of us together for the first time in a year and a half, easily. Well, we'll see.

If things work out well, I'll be getting a new cam tonight, which may cause me to become a bit of a cam whore...yeah, like anyone wants to see MY ugly mug *LOL*
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