August 8th, 2001


Another Slow Day...Thank The Goddess

I got a serious thrill today. There are other people on this whole programming project, but up to this point I had not talked to them (since we are all working on different parts, there's not a lot of need). But when I got to work this morning, I had messages from 2 of the other 3 people, asking how to get started. STARTED?!? I've been slacking off for a week and a half, but I have been working, and have made 3 versions so far of part of my project, and these guys haven't even STARTED! Man, I'm gonna love this...if these are my co-coders, I've got it easy...

A company on a lower floor of our building was selling a bunch of their furnishings, so i picked up an executive conference room chair for my desk at home...cushy, reclining...those executives know how to conference! Considered getting a new desk and maybe an old computer for parts, but decided declining was the better part of saving the cash.

And yes, Heidi finally got her LJ registered (LJ's server probs made it kinda a bitch), but hasn't posted yet. Still, make it a point to go over and see her sometime soon, say 'HI', and see the woman who has made such an impact on my life...insteadofsilent!

On a somewhat related note, my plane tix have officially been changed over to leaving from Baltimore and returning to Seattle, so the only snag left is getting the truck. Goddess, I hope this works....
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Need a Drink

Thinking a drink would go over REALLY nicely right very serious consideration to heading down to The Bad Juju Lounge after work....

On an unrelated note, I quit smoking last night. Just decided it was time, at least for a while, if not for good. Especially sionce I would like to eventually get my band thing on again, and it's better for the ol' pipes this way. Wish me luck!
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