August 10th, 2001


Good Eating

So, tonight is the inaugural outing of the Seattle Dining Community at Pasta Freska. It promises to be excellent. These 2 old Italian guys run the place, and apparently, they come to your table and ask what you DON'T like, then create something for you...I'm looking forward to this! Taking Heidi (insteadofsilent) with me, and maybe Eric (caliban), if he'll go.

Veronica asked if I was shooting pool with them on Saturday night. I dunno yet, I might...seeing as how Heidi is gonna be out with her friend Andrea, I won't have plans, so we'll see. Depends a lot on how much I wanna be stuck there, and somewhat bored. I love shooting pool, but when there's a good sized group occupying only 2 tables, I get bored sitting there watching others. I'll think about it. Ronnie's my friend, and since I've been spending my free time with Heidi, I haven't done much with her...but at least I talk to her a lot at work, and she knows my situation, so she doesn't feel like I'm blowing her off or something. Not like some other people, who can only focus on one thing at a time, and don't seem to notice anything else.....
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RHPS Test...oooooooo-kay.....

Well, I had to...I saw a
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Well, I had to...I saw a <a href"" target=newwindow>Rocky Horror Picture Show Character Equivalency Test</a> on <lj user=xaotica>'s journal...I'm apparently most like:
#1 Frank N. Furter
#2 Columbia
#3 Magenta
#4 the Criminologist
#5 Rocky
#6 Dr. Scott
#7 Eddie
#8 Riff-Raff
#9 Janet
#10 Brad

At least I'm nothing like Brad....
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Well, I have to raise my glass to a primo initial outing of our little coterie. For tyhose that missed it...damn, I'm sorry.

Eggplant, mussels, and shrimp for appetizers, garlic bread and caesar salad for starters, a combination of rotini in a cream sauce (just a hint of broccoli, I think) and bowtie pasta in a tomato cream sauce to accompany stuffed chicken breasts (stuffed with a raisin mixture) with a mushroom and wine sauce for first course, fish filets and prawns in an italian base sauce for second course, and dessert was a mixture of chocolate layer cake, New York cheesecake and 3 different ice creams of varying but complimentary flavors, the whole meal accompanied by 2 different wines...Needless to say, I'm in heaven. And not really expensive, considering the food we had (worked out to about $30/$35 a person).

Add to this, I got to meet some fun people (we have to hook up another time, nighthawk...rockstarbob, you really did cut your hair, didn't you? everyone else, I didn't get names for everyone [except Kim, who smoked with my buds!] but it was fun nonetheless!), and that's ALWAYS a good reason to go out and have fun.

Can't wait until next time, my friends! here's to good food and better company!
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