August 12th, 2001


Neptune's Nemesis

(*still more band names*)

So it's Sunday, and I haven't done anything all weekend. Actually intended to clean my apartment yesterday while Heidi and her friend went out to a movie and what-have-you, but her friend bailed, so no go. Went and saw 'The Others' instead...nice film, very good ending. I recommend it highly.

The heat has made it hard to get motivated to do much of anything. There's no AC here, so no airflow, and being on the top floor doesn't help. I have the incredible urge to flop back on the couch and continue doing nada</a>.
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More Movie Reviews

Just got back from seeing Osmosis Jones...Laughed like an idiot all the way through it. Even got choked up near the end for a second...don't tell anyone. Looks like a cartoon, but this is not what I would call kid's movie. I'd own this film...and i hope they make a figure of the bad guy, I'll add it to my growing collection.

Speaking of figures, my latest desire is the Tortured Souls from Clive Barker...ooh, pretty...
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